Tales from the Tavern

Tales from the Tavern is a solitaire-like puzzler with minor RPG elements.

You play as a retired adventurer that has long since opened up a tavern in a small town. Countless adventurers pass through your doors each day and you experience their adventure stories through short, solitaire-like puzzles. 

Patron's stories continuously progress forward with their repeated visits to the tavern. Follow along with their exciting journeys and vicariously relive your adventuring days once more. Just be careful you don't get sucked into another adventure of your own...

The Demo

This short demo includes the first story from five different patrons.

Future content will include:

  • Additional stories from each of these patrons (including plot interconnecting between them)
  • Additional patrons, each with their own stories and challenges

I'm also trying to hammer down "fun" gameplay before working on polishing up the graphics with animations, sounds, shaders, and environmental ambiance. I'd especially love to hear your feedback on this: is the gameplay fun? What would make it more fun?

Other content I'm considering adding:

  • A replayable roguelike mode without plot, where you travel from location to location using randomized decks and continuously upgrade your hero(s).
  • Tavern customization options (seating fewer/more patrons per day, items to attract specific patrons, custom furniture, etc), paid for from gold tips left by the adventurers (whatever gold they earned on their adventure).
GenreCard Game, Puzzle, Role Playing
Made withUnity
TagsCozy, Short, Singleplayer, solitaire, tavern
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button

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